This photo tutorial walks you through the steps to make a sitting Harry Potter Lego figurine out of fondant. It could be customized to create any Lego character. This particular topper is Lego Harry Potter.


This is what you need:

Work surface
Corn starch
Fondant smoother
Rolling pin
Rolling cutter
Wooden skewer
Fine-tip edible markers
Fondant in gray, black, brown, tan, yellow, pale blue
Not pictured: sharp knife, gum paste, x-acto knife, curved stick tool


Step 1:Roll a 3-inch wide ball of black fondant. This will be the legs.


Step 2: Divide the piece into two equal parts. Roll them into smooth balls, eliminating all cracks and creases.


Step 3: Using the fondant smoother, press down all sides of the balls, shaping them into rectangles.


Step 4: With a sharp knife, you can trim the sides and ends of he legs to achieve sharp lines.


Step 5: Roll out a separate piece of black fondant and cut two square pieces which will be the feet.


Step 6: Roll a large piece of grey fondant and use the same technique involving the fondant smoother and sharp knife. This will be the torso shape of the Lego figure. Adjust the size and shape until you are happy with the scale of the body and leg together.


Step 7: Many Lego figures have clothing details on the chest. I like to cut out a flat chest piece because I find it easier to decorate it separately and then attach it to the torso later. In the above photo, I have rolled out a piece of grey fondant and cut it to the correct size.


Step 8: Test out the chest piece by propping it up against the torso of the figure. Once you are pleased with the size and shape, allow the chest piece to lay flat to dry.


Step 9: Roll a small piece of tan fondant for the neck. Mix in 50% white gumpaste so the neck dries very strong and firm.


Step 10: Place the neck on the body to ensure that the size and shape look good.


Step 11: Cut the wooden skewer to the correct size. This will act as a support to keep the figure straight. It should fit through the torso and have enough excess coming out of the neck to go through 2/3 of the head. In the photo I am holding it behind the figure to check the length.


Step 12: Next to form the head, roll a piece of tan fondant into a two-inch ball. Make sure it is smooth without any cracks or creases.


Step 13: Flatten the bottom of the ball into this shape above.


Step 14: Again, place all of the elements of the body together to keep ensuring that the size and scale look correct. At this point, keep all of the pieces separate and allow them to dry over night.


Step 15: The next day, I attached the body to a coordinating base that I made from 6-inch cake board decorated to match the theme. Use water or edible glue to attach the torso, legs, feet and neck. Then carefully plunge the support dowel down the middle of the neck and torso. Do not attach the head yet.


Step 16: Now that the chest piece has dried overnight, it is quite firm and easy to work with. Take out the grey, blue and yellow accent colors of fondant.


Step 17: With a cutter, create the background colors for the clothing details and attach them to the chest piece. The grey sweater trim can be indented with an X-acto knife to create texture.


Step 18: Allow to dry for an hour, then use the fine tip edible markers to add another layer of detail to the outfit as shown above.


Step 19: To create the facial details, I sketch them first with a pencil. This topper will not be eaten so there is no concern about pencil being edible. If you plan to eat the topper, you can skip this step.


Step 20: Following up with edible marker, trace over the facial features as shown.


Step 21: To create the hair, first roll a two inch ball of black fondant. Hollow it out as shown with your thumbs and use a curved tool to dent some diagonal curves into the hairline.


Step 22: Gently hold it on the head so you can see the shape and size as you work on the hair.


Step 23: Trim the sides and back and attach it on the head with a light coating of water. Continue using the curved stick tool to enhance the details until you like how it looks.


Step 24: Follow up with the rolling cutter to very gently cut hair lines into the hair.


Step 25: Attach the chest piece to the torso of the body with water.


Step 26: Mark the center of the base of the head.


Step 27: Wet the touch points of the head base and the neck. Use the guide mark to gently lower the head onto the support skewer.


Step 28: To form the arms of the figure, roll two small balls of grey fondant.


Step 29: Shape them with your hands into the shape above and use the sharp knife to trim the wrist and indent the elbow.


Step 30: For the hands, roll a tear-shaped piece of tan fondant.


Step 31: Press the ball end around a paint brush to create the hollow round hand.


Step 32: Use a tooth pick and water to attach the hand to the arm. This will make for a strong bond.


Step 33: For the arm that is holding the wand in the air, use a skewer as a support piece inside the length of the arm and wand. This will make for a strong bond and also eliminate sagging.


Step 34: Above are the finished arms. Allow them to dry overnight before attaching them to the torso.


Step 35: The next day, attach the arms to the torso using edible glue or water. Prop them up in place with household items until they are completely dry.


The Lego Harry Potter will look great on it’s own. I opted to add the age numbers and molded Lego pieces for added detail. Allow the fondant cake topper to dry for at least one week in a cool, dark place. Then place it on a birthday cake and enjoy the celebration!

Happy Caking!