Feathers are the new design inspiration and here is a chance to turn them into cake inspiration. Perfect for a bridal shower or modern birthday party, metallic gold and coral luster dust elevate these textural fondant feather to an elegant presentation.

Making the feathers by hand gives you a chance to give them your own twist by drying them with more flourish or leaving them simple. Let your creativity be your guide with these modern nature inspired cupcakes.



Piped cupcakes

White Fondant

Feather Cutter Set

Veining Tool

Bubble Wrap or Tissue

Sheet Tray


Gold Luster Dust

Coral Luster Dust

Clear Alcohol or Extract



On a surface covered lightly with powdered sugar, roll out the white fondant. It should be on the thin side, about 1/8″ thick (this will make sure that the feathers are not too heavy for the top of the cupcakes). Cut out feather shapes using the small and medium cutters. Just in case, make a few extras for breakage.


Next, use the veining tool to create a vein down the center of the feather. Do this gently so that you just make an indentation and don’t end up cutting the feather in half. Then, create textured lines in an upward motion, also being as gentle as possible. Don’t worry about these being perfectly parallel, they will look more realistic if they are irregular.


On the edge of each feather, use your veining tool to make small splits, cutting through the fondant here and there. Then, use your fingers to separate and thin the edges to make them look more natural.


Cover your sheet tray with bubble wrap or crumpled tissue or whatever you are using to give the feathers shape. Sprinkle the surface with powdered sugar to avoid any sticking and arrange the feathers so that they will look animated when dry.

Let them dry overnight or longer until firm and then remove the bubble wrap and flip the feathers, letting them dry completely on the tray for another day or until they have no flexibility.


To decorate the feathers, place 1/2 of a 2g container of gold luster dust in a bowl and add about 1/2 tsp. of clear alcohol or extract. Stir them together until there are no lumps. The consistency should be similar to heavy cream and not too watery. Add a little extra powder or liquid to adjust as necessary. Do the same with the coral luster dust in a separate bowl.


Gently hold the feather in your hand to support it and paint various stripes. Lay the feathers on the tray to dry a bit. (Note:The luster dust mixture will start to evaporate and get a bit thicker as you paint, add a touch more liquid as necessary)


Place the feathers on the piped cupcakes just before serving. (Do not refrigerate the fondant feathers because they may go a little limp if the fridge is too damp).




Happy Caking!