I’m all about making sweets for my sweetest on Valentine’s Day. I usually go with something that’s a little cheeky, but never too risqué. That’s where these cute underwear cookies come in. They’re fun to make, a little tongue-in-cheek and definitely suggestive without being raunchy. Plus, these are easily personalized by switching up the stitching and changing the heart pattern. So surprise your favorite person with a unique pair of “fundies”, served with a wink and a smile.


Sugar Cookie Dough

Bikini Bottom Cookie Cutter

Swim Trunks Cookie Cutter

White Fondant

Stitching Wheel Tool

Piping Gel

Jumbo Heart Sprinkles

Craft Knife

Step 1: Bake and Cover the Cookies

Using the two cookie cutters, roll, cut and bake the cookies according to your recipe (in this case, the cutters sizes didn’t match, so I trimmed the sides of the bikini bottoms once they were cut out but before they were baked, so that the undies would match).


Roll out a thin layer of fondant and use the same cookie cutters to cut out fondant shapes.


Transfer the bikini shaped fondant to a cutting surface and use your craft knife to modify the shape. I trimmed the legs a bit higher, added a scallop at the waist and took some off of each side, so that the end result would look a little more fancy.


Place the fondant on each cookie to make sure it fits and stretch it a bit if necessary. Then, use a light coating of water to adhere the fondant.


Step 2: Decorate With Accents

Use the various wheels on the stitching tool to create indentations and stitched texture.

_MG_7070 _MG_7083

Pipe a small dab of piping gel and place a heart sprinkle wherever you think they look cute! Let them dry for a bit so that the piping gel solidifies.

_MG_7101 _MG_7106


happy caking!