Tutorial: Surprise Pinata Cupcakes!

How to Make Surprise Pinata Cupcakes!

Previously  I showed you how to make a Giant Cupcake Pinata using your Giant Cupcake Mould. Today I’ll be showing you how to make a Surprise Pinata Cupcake with a hidden candy centre.

surprise pinata cupcakes

You can watch the full comprehensive video tutorial below, or you can read on below for step by step instructions

Tools, Equipment and Ingredients you’ll need for this tutorial are:

Knife (serrated)
Circle cutter (2cm / 3/4″)
Knife (butter)
Star piping tip
Piping bag
Cupcake to frost
Mini m&m’s
Jaffas (or crispy / peanut m&m’s)
Ice cream wafter or easy to cut cookie

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Step 1

Take your baked, cooled cupcakes and your circle cutter. Gently core out a small circle from the centre of your cake, being careful to keep the cored section in tact.

Tip: Twisting the cutter as you cut the core helps to release it cleanly

Step 2

Firmly pack the centre of your cupcake with mini m&ms or any other small candy (nerds, rainbow chips, choc rocks etc). The smaller the candy, the better your piñata spill effect will be

Step 3

Take your ‘core’ and cut the very top off – place the top back onto the candy packed core of your cupcake and press down to seal the candy in

Step 4

Decorate as normal! I used a simple star piping tip to create a beautiful Sundae Style swirl, then added sprinkles, a red candy and a cut ice cream wafer to give mine a classic and simple cupcake decoration which doesn’t give away the secret candy stash, hidden beneath the surface

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Do not refrigerate – this will cause the m&m’s to discolour and sweat which will make them stick together inside your cupcake. Room temperature is best for your cupcakes, so be mindful of this when choosing your frosting.

Our perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting recipe can be left at room temperature for up to 3 days

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If you have any questions about this tutorial, feel free to comment below and I will do my best to answer.

Xxx Elise


  1. Yummmmy! Tasted so good! Except I changed the cake to vanilla instead of chocolate!! Everyone loved them! Only problem is they didn’t last long 🙁

  2. On this cupcake tutorial you mention your perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting you use. I searched your site and cant find the recipes. Can I get that recipe from you by chance?

    Thank you!

    • Me too please, may I have your butter cream frosting recipe? 🙂

      Thank you for this YUMMY recipe. MmMmM Cake and butter cream frosting!!!

  3. I love watching your tutorials. They are very good at explaining all the details. Thanks for taking the time to do them.

  4. These are so great, I would love to make them for a birthday next week. Where can I find the recipe for the buttercream frosting?


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