Wyldstyle cake topper

Since the release of the 2014 movie “Lego Movie”, Lego figurines and characters for cake toppers has become very popular. Here is how I make this one.

This is what I used:

fondant (black, yellow, blue and pink)
rolling pin
glue gum
large bubble tea straw
Zacto knife
Black edible marker

Wild Style (2) (525x440)

Step 1:

Roll the black fondant into a ball to warm it up. Using the rolling pin roll out a piece about a half inch thick. Using your knife make a rectangle approximately 2 inches by 1.5 inches.

Wild Style (3) (525x350)

Wild Style (4) (525x350)

Wild Style (5) (525x350)

Step 2:

Using your knife, make a thin cut across this bottom of the rectangle. This will make definition for the feet. Then still using your knife cut 2/3 of the way up from the bottom to make the legs defined.

Wild Style (6) (525x350)

Wild Style (7) (525x350)

Step 3:

Roll out another piece of the black fondant to the same size as the first piece (half an inch thick and 2x 1.5 inches). You can use the first piece as a guide for sizing.

At the top of the piece make a diagonal cut on each side as shown in the picture below. Then place a tooth pick half way through the waist into the legs, making sure it is sticking out so it can attach to the top part. Add gum glue to glue the legs and top together.

Wild Style (8) (525x350)

Wild Style (9) (350x525)

Wild Style (10) (525x350)

Wild Style (11) (350x525)

Step 4:

With the black fondant roll out a long piece. Cut the piece in half and make each half about one inch in length. Then using the Cel-stick poke one end on each half.

Wild Style (12) (525x350)

Wild Style (13) (525x350)

Wild Style (14) (525x350)

Step 5:

Roll out some black fondant and using the bubble tea straw press it into the fondant. Then using the round #10 tip cut into the centre of the circle just created. Now using shape the hands. Using the gum glue attach the hands to the arms.

Wild Style (15) (525x350)

Wild Style (16) (525x350)

Wild Style (17) (525x350)

Wild Style (18) (525x350)

Step 6:

Using the yellow form a ball. Make sure it is proportionate to the body. Also create another small ball and push it flat to create a neck. Glue the neck to the base of the head.

Wild Style (19) (525x350)

Step 7:

Roll out the black fondant quite thinly. Make a round shape but it doesn’t have to be exact.  Place glue on top of the head and place the black fondant onto the head as shown in the picture below. This will create the base of the hair. Then roll an oblong piece of black fondant to create a pony tail. Add glue and attach as show in picture.

Wild Style (20) (525x350)

Wild Style (21) (525x350)

Wild Style (22) (525x350)

Step 8:

Thinly roll out the pink and blue fondant separately and cut thin strips. Taking some of the pink and blue strips, add a little to the front of the black hair as shown.

Wild Style (23) (525x350)

Step 9:

Using the edible markers add eyes, eye brows and lips.

Wild Style (24) (525x350)

Step 10:

Roll out a thin piece of black fondant to create the characters collar.

Wild Style (25) (525x350)

Step 11:

Add a tooth pick on top of the shirt of the character. This is where you will place the head.  The tooth pick helps hold the head. Using glue and the pink and blue strips add them to the costume as shown below. Attach the collar with edible glue. Lastly, add some glue to the base of the tooth pick. Then place the head.

Wild Style (26) (350x525)

Wild Style (28) (350x525)

Wyldstyle lego figurine

Happy Caking!