Whether you’re gearing up for the playoffs or throwing a birthday party for your son or daughter, you might have a need for some ideas for basketball cakes. You can make anything from basketball jersey-shaped cakes to basketballs swishing through hoops. And we’ve got just the list of ideas for basketball cakes for you.

Ideas for Basketball Cakes

We could go on about this great sport, but what you’re really here for is ideas for your basketball cakes. We have gathered some cake ideas that you will love. Here’s our list of favorite ideas.

Team Player

Now, if the birthday boy or girl is a fan of a given team or player, you could get a form pan in the shape of a jersey, and frost the cake in the colors and design of the team jerseys, with the favorite player’s number on it.

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One of our favorites is a basketball-shaped cake. There are lessons and tutorials out there on how to make a spherical cake. You can easily turn these into your actual basketball-shaped, life-sized cake for your family player.

Use orange frosting to coat the whole cake, but then use the point of an icing tip to create the texture of the ball on the frosting. Then, add the brown frosting for the lines of the ball. Finally, create a lattice web of white frosting on the bottom half, depicting a net the ball is going into.

For the Less Crafty

For those not quite so great at frosting a cake, you could take this fun idea from Pinterest. Make a round layer cake, and frost completely as usual. Before the frosting dries, adhere Kit-Kat bars to the outside of the cake. Tie a candy ribbon around the cake to help hold the Kit-Kat pieces in place. Then, with Reese’s Pieces, create the design of a basketball on the top of the cake. Just look for an image of a basketball, and you’ve got your decorating pattern.

Other Basketball Cakes

other basketball cake ideas

If you’re not so sure about the spherical cake, you can make a basketball cake with a standard round cake pan.

Bake the cake, as usual, then once it’s fully cool and ready for frosting, you’ll ice the top and sides with orange, and add the brown or black lines of the ball.

If you’d like the cake to be a bit more than that, add this smaller round cake to a larger layer cake decorated in the team colors of choice for the birthday girl.

Team Mascot

If your birthday boy loves the team mascot or

just loves the Jaguars, you can always find a form pan on Etsy, and go from there. Or, look for a tutorial on Pinterest.

Basketball Shoe Cake

For a clever twist on the basketball theme, you could always find a tutorial for making a basketball shoe cake. Frost the cake in your son’s team colors, and enjoy the surprise of his friends when you cut into a pair of edible Air Jordans.

Basketball Cake Pops

For a little fun for the kids to take home, you can make traditional round cake pops, and simply ice them with orange and brown icing to look like basketballs. Moms love these, too.

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Bonus Basketball Treat

For a little bonus fun, get some Nutter Butters, and some white and black frosting. Stripe the bottom half of the Nutter Butters with the white and black frosting, like a referee uniform, and then dot on eyes, a mouth, and a little hair for the head of your Nutter Butter referee treats.

nutter butter

A Brief History of Basketball

history of basketball

The invention of basketball is attributed to a physical education professor from Canada, by the name of Dr. James Naismith. It was a rainy day in Massachusetts where he was teaching, and he wanted to keep his students active. He wrote some basic rules and nailed a peach basket onto an elevated track in the gymnasium. And so, basketball was born.

Originally, soccer balls were used for the game, and the bottom of the basket was still intact. Of course, it didn’t take long to realize that this was inefficient, so the bottom was cut off, and a pole was used to poke the ball down through the hole in the basket to the floor.

Peach baskets remained in play for the game until 1906, when metal rims with backboards finally took over.

Whatever Basketball Cakes You Make, It’ll Be a Slam Dunk

Whether you’re super handy with a pastry bag and icing tips, or you’re barely able to stick candy into the frosting, your efforts are sure to be rewarded with the glowing eyes and happy smiles of the birthday girl, and all of her friends. Have some fun, and get creative where you can, or just toss in some fun basketball-themed cake toppers and decorations for the special day.

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