Indeed, checkerboard cakes have a long history going back to the 1940s. The popular UK Battenberg cake goes back as far as the Victorian Era!
Checkerboard cakes are popular among children who wonder at how people create the dual-toned slice. They are a hit at parties as partygoers who don’t know the secret of how to make a checkerboard cake are often impressed by the feat of creating the pattern.
Also, these cakes usually have an unassuming exterior hiding the fact that the true surprise is on the inside!
This cake has another delicious bonus besides the pleasing geometric surprise on the inside. Most cakes are made with only one cake batter flavor. Thus, with the checkerboard cake, you have the opportunity to combine two cake flavors to give the palette a hint of excitement.
Furthermore, you can use food coloring to create the checkerboard pattern on a vanilla cake base. This works very well for holiday cakes. Who wouldn’t want a blue and yellow bunny cake or red and green Christmas treat!
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Let’s look at our top five favorite checkerboard cakes!

checkerboard cakesA Peek at Our Favorite Checkerboard Cakes

These cakes range from simple to fancy and from completely homemade to semi-homemade. Whether you have the skills of a professional baker or are starting out you’ll be able to make checkerboard cakes. Although you don’t have the right baking tools, you can always improvise.

1. Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Checkerboard Cake

Betty Crocker Chocolate Checkerboard Cakes

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We’re starting off with the classic Betty Croker recipe. This recipe calls for a few pans and cake dividers to make it simple to pour the two batters in alternating divider rings. This semi-homemade recipe makes it simple for the baker starting out. Moreover, the cream-cheese infused moist yellow cake and cocoa flavor will leave behind a familiar home taste.
Looking for a cake with a pop of color for your next celebration? Try Betty Crocker’s Party Checkerboard Cake!

2. Grandma Carr’s Checkerboard Cakes

checkerboard cakes This recipe given to us by Kathie Carr at Just a Pinch Recipes was passed down to her from her grandmother. Though her grandmother’s version was made from scratch, this version given to her by her grandmother in 1980 along with her vintage 1950 cake pans, uses cake mix.

Similarly, this recipe is like the one above but gives it a more homemade look and feel.

3. Sprinkled Vanilla Checkerboard Cake

checkerboard cakes by Sallys Baking Addiction

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Sally of Sally’s Baking Addiction gives us a checkerboard cake recipe made from scratch! Sally’s signature is to write recipes that are fun in a style that gives you the confidence to tackle any dessert with confidence.
This recipe is made using cookie cutters versus the traditional dividers. It calls for four layers of vanilla goodness and silky, buttery, homemade frosting.
Accompanied by a video and high-quality photos Sally will guide you into conquering this delicious sprinkled beauty.

4. Strawberry-Lemon Checkerboard Cake

checkerboard cakes

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Looking for a fancier version of the checkerboard cake for a more former occasion?
Tess Huff of Brit + Co gives us a recipe made with a unique combination of strawberry and lemon cakes. This recipe is made completely from scratch again uses cake pans and cookie cutters which you will use to assemble and stack the cakes by hand once the cakes are stacked.
The recipe uses fresh lemon zest, lemon juice, and strawberry preserves to give the cakes an authentic strawberry and lemon flavors. They incorporate food coloring to give the cakes the pink and yellow colors that will make the colors pop!
Top this cake with a smooth buttercream frosting and this cake is a crafted hit!

5. Red Velvet Checkerboard Cakes

Checkerboard cakes from That Skinny Chick Can Bake

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Who doesn’t love a silky red velvet cake?
Perfect as a gift for the birthdays of friends and family, this That Skinny Chick Can Bake recipe is completely homemade and has a list of tips to help you to achieve the perfect geometric checkerboard aesthetic.
She uses cocoa and red food coloring to achieve the bright red velvet look and vanilla bean paste for the distinct vanilla flavor of the white cake. She tops this off with a signature cream cheese frosting that will leave your mouth watering.
The hilarious story behind tackling this recipe will leave you tickled and satisfied.

Checkerboard cakes are classic

Indeed, the checkerboard cake is a classic that still leaves those lucky enough to cut one open mystified. Thankfully, for you, the cake is something you can make at home either with the help of box mix or completely from scratch.

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The best part is that these cakes are easy to make! Though there are special cake panes that can make the checkerboard cake making process extra simple, you can make this eye-popping creation without them.
This video from Tasty makes baking checkerboard cakes look so effortless! Either way, you can make a delicious cake that will leave people talking for days!

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