I Love Cookies

I love cookies! When I make cookies, I like to use icing sugar instead of caster sugar, as it gives me a more smoothe cookie dough. I decorate the cookies with royal icing using the flooding technique, where you first outline with a soft royal icing and then fill in with a runny royal icing. When my flooded cookies are dry, I pipe the details with soft royal icing.

These are some of the places where I buy my cookie cutters from: CopperGifts.com, Kitchen Collectables and Cakes, Cookies & Crafts Shop

Here are some of the cookies that I have made recently:

Happy Caking!



  1. Louise says

    Vilma: I use royal icing thinned with water. You can find the recipe here:http://www.cakejournal.com/archives/how-to-make-royal-icing/

    It is important that when you stir in the thinned icing that it will flow together on the count to 6.

    First I outline the cookies and let them dry. Then I fill a squeze bottle with a small round tip/nozzle with the thin icing then I start from on side of the cookie piping up and down in slow movements. Make sure you dont fill out with to much icing. You want it to just have “raised” 1mm over the out line.

    Good luck


  2. VIlma says

    Hi Louise:
    I like to congratulated you for your wonderful site and your beautiful creations?
    I would like to ask you about the icing on your biscuits.specially the ones in the baby onesie looks so smooth how do you achieve that.
    when I try to do mine I have to spread it with a brush but it was not even.
    I want to make this for a friends baby shower.
    thanks again

  3. Louise says

    Hi Irish,

    The baby onesie cookies is sugar cookies with royal icing. I got the onesie cutter from Kitchen Gifts.com If you want to know more please send me an email:)


  4. Louise says

    Thank you Krislynn.
    I use the Internet alot for insperation and then I use cute baby clothes as well and then mix up new designs.
    I like to draw a template of the cookies first and then add color, designs and so on, to see what it will look like in icing.

  5. Cookingfor5 says

    You do a great job! I love cookies too, and was browsing for inspiration. Your cakes are great too!

  6. Once Upon a Cottage says

    These are such LOVELY cookies! I showed them to my kids – I think they want to trade mommies now!

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