The white wedding cake

IMG_White RK weddingcake 1

I know that I am late but my computer have been disconnected for some days. But now it is all up and running again. So let me show you last weekends masterpiece.

As I told you in the previous post the weather was so so hot. Anything would melt within a few seconds, so I was a bit worried about how it all would go. But amazingly it all went super duper 🙂 For the cupcakes…. I completely forgot to take photos, sorry!! They vanished so quick at the reception.

But I did manage to take some photos of the white wedding cake 🙂 As you can see I re-used the rose design from previous but mixed it with some white and cream colored gum paste flowers like primrose and hydrangeas together with gum paste pearls and green leaves. The monogram was a fondant plaque painted with brown petal dust.

IMG_white RK rose

Happy Caking!



  1. Umrah says

    This is so sweet! I wonder how you did the monogram plaque..It look so perfect.Do you mind sharing? Is it the stencil help?

  2. Lina says

    truly fantastic! I admire ur creations & look forward to your updates everyday. Could u share with us how you did the leaves. They’re so lifelike and the colour is just gorgeous!

  3. Louise says

    Judy Zimmerman: I have not made a video, but another fantastic cake creator have and its to her video I am directing to if you go to the tutorial section and look for the “gum paste roses”

    Paula: Do you mean the small white one? that is a Primrose and the 5-petal silicon veiner that I have a tutorial about. Or is it the one placed at the bottom of the cake on the board? that is a Hydrangea flower, look for Sunflower Sugar Art online as they have both cutter and veiner in a kit.

    GingyCookies: I used a multi-purpose leaf silicone veiner. Try and see at: Decorate the

  4. GingyCookies says

    I do alot of cake decorating, and would like to know what mold you used for the leaves on this cake?
    What do you suggest getting, and from where?
    Thank you!

  5. says

    ABSOLUTELY MAAAAHVALOUS..! Beautiful give me inspiration everytime I see your work..I would like to know where or what kind of mold or veiner you used for the small flour…looks like a dogwood??? can forward me a site that has it or let me know where I can buy one..thanks Paula “The Queen”

  6. says

    ABSOLUTELY MAAAAHVALOUS..! Beautiful give me inspiration everytime I see your work..I would like to know where or what kind of mold or veiner you used for the small flour…looks like a dogwood??? can forward me a site that has it or let me know where I can buy one..thanks Paula “The Queen”

  7. Cindy says

    OMG!! Every detail is so very light and delicate – almost as if you stood on a chair and sprinkled them over the cake from above. You have such inspirational and amazing talent. LOVE this site!!

  8. jessie says

    you do such great work. You have such perfection in your technique. I have experience but I could still use cleaner lines in my end results. Any suggestions or advise?

  9. Katie says

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with us! Will you be teaching us how to make hydrangeas in the tutorial section?

  10. sandhya says

    hello louise, i open your site to check for the new releases all the time. your work is a masterpiece, just beautiful. i got inspired to learn lots of things just from you

  11. June says

    It is beautiful, those roses are perfect & I love the way you did the monogram. Great job Louise!

  12. Shira says


    “Speechless” the roses are so perfectly done. A job well done! So sad that can’t see the photos of your cup cake!


  13. Florence says

    Hi Louise, there are not anything that has not been told to you already about this beautiful work. I hope you have enjoyed the time with your family. There is no need to have a photo to know that the cupcakes were beautiful as well.

  14. Dana says

    Beautiful! You are very lucky with the weather – I had all my fondant bows melt this past weekend when my AC broke! Congratulations to your brother and new wife!

  15. katyrzinia says

    I just wish I could make such beautiful flowers—they look so realistic. The cake is superb.

  16. Toni says

    Oh my goodness Louise!! This cake is so delicate and gorgeous!! How very, very beautiful!! I know that your brother and new SIL were VERY happy when they saw this!! Blessings to the new married couple and to you too for your kindness in always sharing with us!! Thank you from across the pond!!

  17. Shaaron says

    Louise you make flowers look even more beautiful than in real life. How can that be? I can tell you are a true perfectionist and artist. What a talent and thank you for sharing your creations with all of us. I always look forward to your latest.

  18. marielba says

    Hi Louise, I´m so sad about the cupcakes pics but very glad because your cake is simple beautiful and amazing as all your works, congratulations. I hope you had time to enjoy the party. Is the weather very hot right now in your country? because I´m from Venezuela a tropical weather all year long, greetings

  19. Judy Zimmerman says

    Louise, Have you done a video on making these gorgeous roses? They absolutely are stunning. Thank you for all you to do inspire all of us!!!

  20. elaine says

    Simply Beautiful! I also know hot and HUMID weather here in Alabama. It does make it scary, especially if it is an outdoor wedding.

  21. TAmmy says

    Louise, the cake turned out beautiful. I love the soft colors and your roses ar perfection. TFS

  22. says

    Louise – It’s rare to see something so beautiful. That cake is a work of art. You should be so pleased with your talent.

  23. Student Chef "jr" Hill says

    Your cakes are so inspirational. I can’t believe how absolutely wonderful they look. I’ve been practicing my gum paste roses while on summer break but I still can’t get them ‘just right’. Thank you for posting such amazing work.

  24. dpotter says

    Hi Louise, hope you enjoyed the wedding, the cake looked amazing,it would be so hard to cut into it!!!! maybe someone has some pictures of the cupcakes that you can use, would love to see how you used all the flowers…. what flavours did you use?

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