Jumbo Cupcakes

Thank you to our friends at Tiffany’s Bakery in Philadelphia for this cool post on Jumbo Cupcakes!

Now you truly can have your cake and eat it too! Jumbo cupcakes have become something of a major trend in the baking world. Their novelty size make them fun for bakers to create and even more fun for customers to eat. This modern take on the traditional cupcake can be found in homes and bakeries across the world. Jumbo cupcakes, which are about twice the size of a traditional cupcake, have won the hearts of cake-lovers all over. Here’s why jumbo cupcakes have become so popular.

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Cool Things About Jumbo Cupcakes

• Endless Flavor Options: Jumbo cupcakes have changed the way bakers approach the traditional cupcake. Chocolate and vanilla aren’t your only options when it comes to choosing a cupcake to enjoy. Now, you can find cupcakes in a wide variety of flavors, including the classics like Carrot and Red Velvet. Jumbo Cupcakes are also offered in some of the most unique flavors, like Cookies and Cream, Candy Cake, and even Orange Creamsicle! The flavor options are truly endless when it comes to Jumbo Cupcakes – if you crave it, you can find it in a Jumbo Cupcake.

• Simpler To Eat: When a craving for Carrot Cake comes along, many of us will head to the store and purchase one, only to return home and have a single slice. The inner turmoil that comes with wanting to consume the rest of the cake and/or not having another occasion to consume said cake is ridiculous! With Jumbo Cupcakes, the perfect serving is available without all of the extra cake. What’s better is that Jumbo Cupcakes don’t come with the stress of calorie counting while you try to consume the rest of it throughout your week.

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• Easier To Share (If You Want To): Jumbo Cupcakes are the perfect size for an afternoon snack or a late-night treat for one person, but if you’re feeling very generous, they’re just big enough for two to share. Considered mini-cakes, Jumbo Cupcakes make the perfect after-dinner snack for two to share when you’re on the verge of becoming too full but still want something sweet to satisfy your sweet-tooth.

• Better For Bakers: If you are a baker or pastry chef, Jumbo Cupcakes are the perfect platform for you to showcase your decorating skills! Jumbo Cupcakes have a larger top, leaving more room for your creativity to shine, whether it’s through a unique, fondant design or a custom message. Bakers can create Jumbo Cupcakes that customers can customize with love notes, perfect for Valentine’s Day or birthdays, or use their imagination to come up with some creative fondant designs.


Bigger is always better, especially when it comes to desserts! With the advent of Jumbo Cupcakes and their growing popularity in bakeries across the nation, you don’t need a special occasion to indulge in these delicious treats.

Happy Caking!