fondant ladybug cupcakes
Ladybugs are such a cute addition to Spring and Summer themed cakes or cupcakes. They are also very easy to make and don’t take up too much of your time. Ladybugs are typically red and black but you can make them in other fun colors too.

I usually use marshmallow fondant to make them but if you want them to dry faster, you can use gumpaste or 50/50.

You will need the following supplies:

Red fondant
Black fondant
White fondant
Big circle cutter
Small circle cutter
Black edible marker
Flower stamens
Corn syrup or gumpaste glue
Paint brush
Tip #12
Rolling pin
Pizza cutter

Watch the video tutorial below or follow along with our written step-by-step tutorial

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Here are the steps:

Step 1:

Start off by rolling red fondant. Then, use your big circle cutter to cut out a circular piece.

Step 2:

Now, roll out black fondant. Use the small circle cutter to cut out another circular piece.

Step 3:

Use tip #12 to cut out very small black circles. Also, use a pizza cutter to cut out a thin strip.

Step 4:

Brush some corn syrup near the top of the red circle and place your black circle on top of it until it sticks into place.

Step 5: 

Brush some corn syrup along the center of the red circle and stick the black strip here. Cut off the excess at the end with a knife.

Step 6:

Give your ladybug some spots by sticking those tiny black circles on its red body.

Step 7:

To make antennas, take 2 pieces of flower stamen and color the tips black with an edible marker.

Use a scissor to cut them in half.

Step 8:

To attach these to your ladybug, pierce little holes with a toothpick or needle on top of the black circle. Push the stamens into these holes.

Step 9:

Now, roll out 2 very small balls of white fondant and press them below the antennas. Use a black edible marker to draw out eyeballs.

Step 10:

Give your ladybug a sweet smile by pressing a thin strip of white fondant near the bottom.

Add little cheeks by sticking 2 pink circles on either side of the mouth.

And you are done! Let these toppers dry for an hour or two and then, place them on your iced cupcakes.

fondant ladybug topper