I’m going to show you how to dress up your cupcakes this Easter with these darling toppers. The kids (and adults) will love them! You can make them well in advance since they will keep for weeks/months. Store them in a breathable box or container away from humidity and pests – a ordinary cake box is usually sufficient.

This is what I used:

Rolled fondant in various colours for the eggs

Rolled fondant in yellow for chick

White fondant for egg

Brown fondant for nests

Orange/red fondant for beak

(gum paste may be used instead of fondant)

Extruder with the disc insert as pictured below

Rolling pin

Circle cutter or any shape

Knife or scissors to cut fondant from extruder

Flower form cups, enough for the amount of toppers you are making (or rotate once the nests are dried)

Small paint brushes

Edible ink pen (optional) to decorate eggs

Luster dust (optional) to decorate eggs

Gum paste glue, made with gum paste and boiling water (optional as you can just use plain water, but glue is stronger)

Tylose powder – add a little to the fondant to help it dry harder. Not much is needed, for example a handful of fondant requires about 1-2 teaspoons.


Making the nests, Step 1.

Roll a thin tube of brown fondant to insert into the extruder. Squeeze out a length of fondant approximately 7 inches long.


Making the nests, Step 2.

In a circular pattern, lay the fondant in the flower cup, making sure you keep the twists intact. Use the rounded gum paste tool to push down the inside of the nest to help the individual strands bond together slightly.


Making the nests, Step 3.

Apply a small amount of glue or just plain water to help the nest to remain in one piece.


Making the nests, Step 4.

Leave the nests in the cups until you assemble everything on top.


Making the eggs, Step 1.

Roll out the fondant flat and evenly. Cut out circles and roll into balls and shape into eggs. Using the cutter ensures uniform sized eggs.


Making the eggs, Step 2.

Allow the eggs to dry for an hour or so. You may like to paint the eggs with luster dust to add some shimmer. Or perhaps use the edible ink pen to draw cute designs.



Making the egg and chick, Step 1.

Roll two balls from the white fondant, for the white egg. You can make them the same size or make one smaller to place on top of the chick’s head.


Making the egg and chick, Step 2.

Push the round gum paste tool into the ball.


Making the egg and chick, Step 3.

Using the gum paste tool shaped like a blunt blade, create indents around the surface as shown.


Making the egg and chick, Step 4.

Using the round gum paste tool, push the inside edge of the egg against your thumb to hollow out the egg a little. Go around the entire edge until you are happy with the shape. Make another one in the exact same way.


Making the egg and chick, Step 5.

Roll two yellow balls of fondant, one ball smaller than the other (body and head of chick). Make sure the body is sized to fit snugly into the egg. Apply a little glue or water to the body and place the head on top.



Making the egg and chick, Step 6.

Roll out a tiny ball of red fondant for the beak. Stick it onto the face with a little glue or water. Using the gum paste tool pictured, press into the centre of the ball creating a line.



Making the egg and chick, Step 7. 

Draw two dots for the chick’s eyes, using the edible ink pen.

Apply a little glue or water to the inside of the egg pieces and place the chick inside. Place the egg/chick and Easter eggs in the nests, making sure they are glued in place. Allow the nests to dry in the cups overnight.


Once dry, place the toppers on your cupcakes and marvel at how cute they are!

Happy Caking!