Hello Kitty is a popular character made out of simple shapes. As with many simple characters, capturing a true likeness in fondant can be more challenging than you think. This tutorial will guide you through the process step by step.


This is what you need:

  • Work surface
  • Rolling pin
  • Fondant smoother
  • Corn starch
  • Fondant in White, pink, black and yellow
  • Gum paste
  • (3) five-inch skewers
  • Wilton circle cutter
  • Wilton Nature Designs fondant mold
  • Not pictured: Wilton tip#230, thin black edible marker



Step 1: Roll a 3 inch ball of pink fondant for the body. (Add some gumpaste to the fondant. This makes it dry faster and stronger.) Roll the fondant in your palms until all creases are gone and the surface is smooth.


Step 2: Using your palms and a fondant smoother, work the body into a cone-like shape.


Step 3: With the fondant smoother, flatten the left of the cone shape slightly. This is the front of the character’s body.


Step 4: Roll three small pieces of white fondant into balls and create oval shapes for Hello Kitty’s legs and tail.


Step 5: With the Wilton circle cutter, I cut out polka dots from a thin piece of white fondant. If you don’t have this tool, a small round piping tip can be used to cut out the polka dots.


Step 6: Dampen the back of each polka dot with water and attach them to the body of the figure.


Step 7: To make the arms, start with 2 oval balls of white fondant.


Step 8: Shape each arm to have a rounded hand and pointy thumb as shown.


Step 9: With water, attach the arms to the body. I added a thin piece of pink fondant to each arm for short sleeves.


Step 10: The head of the character is quite large. I rolled a ball of white fondant that is five to six inches across. (Add some gumpaste to the fondant. This makes it dry faster and stronger.)


Step 11: Using your hands and the fondant smoother, work the ball shape into a flat oval.


Step 12: Use your fingers to pinch out two pointy ear shapes from the top of the oval. Use the fondant smoother to re-smooth the head after you are satisfied with the shape.


Step 13: I had 2 lengths of skewers in my supply photograph. The 5-inch skewers ended up being the perfect length for the project. I selected 3 of them and made sure they were trimmed to the exact length I needed. (You need enough length to go through the whole body and 2/3 of the head.


Step 14: In this photo, I have attached the figure’s body to the base. (The base is a six-inch cake circle that I’ve decorated to match.) Plunge the three skewers going sideways into the body. This will act as the support for the over-sized head.


Step 15: Use the Wilton Nature Designs mold to create the large 5-petal flower for the head. If you don’t have this tool, any small flower cutter would work.


Step 16: Unmold the pink fondant flower and attach it in place with water.


Step 17: To cut out the small, oval eyes, I used Wilton tip #230.


Step 18: To complete the simple face, roll a tiny ball of yellow fondant and shape it into an oval for the nose. It’s very important to be accurate with the placement of the eyes and nose.


Step 19: It is important to let the head dry for at least 2 days before attaching it to the body. It is quite heavy and could become misshapen if attached too soon. Mark the bottom of the head for a guideline.


Step 20: Wet the touch points with water where the neck will meet the head. Carefully lower the head onto the support skewers. Make sure you are putting it on nice and straight.


Step 21: Add the signature whiskers with a thin black edible marker on each side of the face.


Allow the figure to dry for at least a week in a cool, dark place. Place it on a birthday cake or the top of a cupcake tower for a festive decoration. Enjoy!

Happy Caking!