I LOVE pullapart cakes! They’re easy to bake, easy to serve and there are no specialty baking pans required!

spring flower pull apart cupcake cake

This cute spring flower pullapart cupcake cake can be modified to be just 2 flowers as per the image above, or you can make a whole bunch of flowers in different colours to create a stunning cupcake bouquet.

You can watch the full comprehensive video tutorial or you can read on below for step by step instructions.

Tools, Equipment and Ingredients you’ll need for this tutorial are:

Piping bag
Round piping tip (I used a Loyal #17, which means it has a 17mm or 3/4″ opening)
Zip lock bag (or smaller piping tip and piping bag)
Toothpick (cocktail stick)
Green Twizzlers (or green fruit chews, fondant or twisted green fruit roll up)
Spearmint leaf lollies (candies)
Marshmallows (I used pascal)
Buttercream frosting tinted 2 shades of pink, one lighter and one darker
10 mini cupcakes (you will need 5 per flower, so use as many as you’d like for the amount of flowers in your bouquet)
Cake board – I usually ice mine to give them colour, but for this tutorial I used a wooden placemat I got on special – it was 0.99c and cheaper than a cake board, with the added bonus of a beautiful pattern!


Step 1

Position your cupcakes in flower shaped circles on your board. I used 5 mini cupcakes per flower.

Step 2

Once you’re happy with the positioning, take a little buttercream frosting in your piping bag and just pop a dot of frosting onto the bottom of the first 4 cupcakes in each flower, using the frosting to ‘glue’ them into position on your cake board.

Step 3

Before ‘gluing’ your last cupcake into place, take one marshmallow and frosting glue it to the board in the centre of the flower. With the flat side facing up, repeat this with a second marshmallow so you have 2 stacked on top of each other and they are the same height as your cupcakes.

Step 4

Glue the last cupcake into place

Step 5

Using your piping bag and round piping tip, frost your cupcakes with a low smooth frosting swirl, making sure you come all the way over the edges and use the frosting to join the cupcakes on each side.

Step 6

Take your zip lock bag filled with your alternate colour frosting and cut a small corner off (about 1/8” or ½cm). Pipe an outline around each petal and then around the marshmallow centre

Step 7

Take your twizzler or fruit stick, cut it in half lengthways and use a little frosting to glue it to the board to look like flower stems

Step 8

Apply your spearmint leaf candies (or you can use fondant leaves) using a little frosting to stick them to the board

Voila! Your gorgeous Spring Flower pull-apart cupcake cake is ready to serve!

flower pullapart

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If you have any questions about this tutorial, please watch the video – if you don’t find your answer then feel free to comment below and I will do my best to answer.

Xxx Elise