Bunny birthday cake

This is the bunny birthday cake that I made for my daughters birthday party. I made the bunny out of gum paste and made the fur with soft royal icing. The bunny was suposed to look alot more fluffy in the fur, since it should look like a replica of the little Lionhead bunny that we gave her. But the royal icing was a little too wet when I applied it. Also I completely forgot the whiskers.

The birthday cake was a white cake with raspberry mousse and Italian Meringue Buttercream and covered with white chocolate fondant The cake was sweating a lot because it was very humid in the weather that day, so it was a little glossy when it was time to eat it. The carrot border was also made out of gum paste and turned out to be just perfect for the bunny cake.

Happy Caking!


Btw: It is really great to see how many of you who will be featured in the 1,000 ideas for decorating cupcakes, cakes, and cookies book Now I just cant wait to see it.


  1. Gawd. Whiskers or not, that might be the cutest bunny I have ever seen. I can make just about anything taste good, but for the life of me, I cannot decorate them to be as beautiful as yours. Maybe I need to take a class (or just follow this blog) because my cake decoration skills need serious help.

  2. Wow! I have just found your blog and love what you do! I used to decorated wedding cakes and really enjoyed it but once my son came along it was too difficult. I appreciate you beautiful work displayed here to inspire us. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  3. SOoooo very cute! I would love to see your cakes with a slice cut out 🙂 Just wondering how much icing you put on before you drape the fondant.

  4. Cute.. happy b’day to your daughter.. you are super mom.. btw did you use the piping tip when apply the Royal icing on the bunny??.. thanks for sharing.. blessings,

  5. Hi Louise
    That is one cute bunny, could easily be adapted for Easter cake too, although now in Australia our Easter bunnies are being replaced with Bilbys! My friend Vanessa has just won a prestigious cake decorating competition sponsored by the NSW Cake Decorators Guild in Australia. Her cake was the best exhibit overall..a great achievement considering she’s only be decorating cakes for three years. You can see her cake on her blogspot.http://inspiredbycake.blogspot.com/ It’s worth a look.

  6. I’ve recently found your stunning blog. You really are a very, very talanted lady!! Congratulations on your daughter’s birthday, and well done for making such a fun cake. I bet she LOVED her rabbit!!

  7. love the cake but where is the bunny nose haha try using the clay gun to make fur if you dont have one use a garlic press it works great love it

  8. I always enjoy reading your post and I admire your work. Much appreciate your remarks on your errors and mistakes that you make as they are so helpful to others. Curious on why you didn’t make the carrots out of fondant or marzipan as they can at least be eaten.

  9. Dear Louise, this bunny cake is sooooo cute!! I am a very beginner in using fondant (less than a month!) and I will try to make my own chocolate fondant very soon. I hope it will looks as good as yours! is the bunny eye a chocolate?

  10. I discovered that Italian Meringue Buttercream and fondant do not go along well together. I love IMBC but for fondant cakes, I have to use the classic buttercream. It could be that the egg whites in IMBC contains water and that makes the fondant sweaty and in time will melt. I once decorated a cake with IMBC and fondant butterflies. But in the morning, I had a shock to see the butterflies looked like a lump of melted fondant!

  11. This cake is adorable.
    May i ask how did you like the fondant??? I know you made a dummy before with this fondant.
    I ordered the dvd`s from Jennifer a few months ago and tried the fondant , i liked it a lot but it did sweat maby because of the weather but it could be because of the chocolate.

    Best regards


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