easter bunny cake

Do you guys remember the bunny toppers I made a few weeks ago? Well, I wanted to do something related to bunnies again coz honestly, they are TOO CUTE and great for Easter celebrations! Hehe.

This time, I made a bunny cake! The cake is very simple to make and it’s perfect for anyone who is scared to use fondant or does not like fondant. The cake is covered in coconut to give the bunny a “furry” look and all the facial details are made with jelly candies…YUM! 🙂

bunny cake 3

This is what I used:
Shredded coconut (Not the toasted kind. It has to be white)
Purple, red and green jelly candies (or you can use fondant in the same colors)
White buttercream icing
Spatula (to spread the icing all over your cake)
Cake board (should be the same size as your cake)
Rolling pin
Granulated sugar (to prevent stickiness when working with jelly candies)
Cardboard ears
2 popsicle sticks
Round cake-6×3 (in any flavor)
Black edible marker

Step 1:  
Place your cake on a cakeboard. Now, place this cake on your turntable. Use a spatula to cover your cake in buttercream icing.
how to make a bunny cake 1

Step 2:
Cover your cake in shredded coconut. The buttercream acts like glue and the coconut easily sticks to the cream.
how to make a bunny cake 2

Step 3:
Cut out 2 cardboard ears. I used the cardboard from an old gift box. Make sure they are the same size.
how to make a bunny cake 3

Step 4:
Use a spatula to cover the ears in buttercream icing. Keep aside.
how to make a bunny cake 4

Step 5:
In a ziploc bag, add some coconut and a few drops of red gel coloring. Mix it well until the coconut becomes “pinkish.”
how to make a bunny cake 5

Step 6:
Now, cover the center of the bunny ears with pink coconut and cover the outer edges with white coconut. Your ears are ready!
Note: Don’t put alot of coconut or buttercream icing on these ears. You don’t want them to become too heavy…
how to make a bunny cake 6

Step 7:
Push two popsicle sticks on the side of your cake. The cardboard ears will be attached here.
how to make a bunny cake 7

Step 8:
Use a glue gun to stick the cardboard ears on top of the popsicle sticks. Make sure the glue does not touch your cake.
Note: You could have glued the popsicle sticks to the cardboard ears earlier and just pushed  that into the sides of your cake. But, when I did that, alot of the coconut fell off and it got messy…that may have been due to the pressure that was used to push the ears into the cake.
how to make a bunny cake 8

Sep 9:
Take out your purple jelly candy and use a rolling pin to flatten it. If it gets too sticky, sprinkle some granulated sugar on your work surface (not powdered sugar).
how to make a bunny cake 9

Step 10:
Use scissors to cut out 2 oval shapes. Make sure they are about the same size. These will be the eyes of your bunny. You can also use a black edible marker draw to make little eyeballs for each eye.
how to make a bunny cake 10

Step 11:
Use a black edible marker to draw eyeballs on each eye. Make other facial features with jelly candy in the same manner… Red triangular nose, red lips, purple whiskers, green eyebrows.
how to make a bunny cake 11

Step 12:
Stick these facial features onto your cake with some buttercream icing.
how to make a bunny cake 12

And you are done!

bunny cake 2

In case you are interested, the inspiration behind this cake came from an Easter bunny cake I saw at Country Living. I chose not to make the ears out of cake since that was just too much cake for my small family.

Happy caking!