doll face mold

Hi all! If you ever looked into buying a doll head mold for your cake decorating, you know they can be pretty pricey. So, just for you, I whipped up this helpful tutorial to show you how to make a doll face at home! And all you need to easily make a mold with is just gum paste, tylose powder, shortening, and a doll head.

Here’s what I used:

For the mold…

  • Gum paste
  • Tylose powder
  • Shortening
  • Doll – needs to be quite a firm one

For the finished and decorated fondant head…

  • Fondant in skin tone for head
  • Fondant in white for the eyes
  • Fondant in blue for the eyes
  • Tylose powder
  • Rolling pin
  • Circle cutter
  • Gum paste tools
  • Small paint brush
  • edible ink pen
  • Pink petal dust
  • Red or pink food coloring
  • Half teaspoon of pure alcohol (such as vodka or gin) or lemon extract

doll face2

Making the mold, Step 1.

Knead a small handful of gum paste to soften it. Add approximately 2 teaspoons of tylose powder and knead well into the gum paste. The powder makes the gum paste extra hard once dried.

doll face3

Making the mold, Step 2.

Shape it into a ball. Make sure one side of your gum paste, where you will place the doll face, is crease-free.

doll face4

Making the mold, Step 3.

Flatten the ball slightly.

doll face6

Making the mold, Step 4.

Rub some shortening onto the doll’s face. You may like to protect the hair with cling film if you like, but you can just wash the shortening off afterward.

doll face5

 Making the mold, Step 5.

Press the doll’s face onto the smooth surface of the gum paste. This works well if you cup the gum paste in the palm of your hand. Leave the mold (with doll still inside) to dry overnight. Then remove the doll and allow it to dry for another day.

doll face7

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Finished face mold

doll face19

Making doll head, Step 1.

Rub a little shortening in the mold. Roll your skin tone fondant into a ball for the head, slightly larger than the mold face. You should add tylose powder to the fondant for the head to harden it a little – just like in the fairy tutorial.

doll face8

Making doll head, Step 2.

Press the fondant into the mold, firm enough to ensure an imprint.

doll face9

Making doll head, Step 3.

Gently remove the fondant from the mold and re-shape the back of head and face edges. You can use a bit of shortening to smooth out any wrinkles.

doll face10

Making doll head, Step 4.

If you feel that the imprint is not strong enough, use the gum paste tool to define the features. You may like to pay particular attention to the nose (two small dots for nostrils) and the lip edges.

doll face11

Making doll head, Step 5.

Roll two small balls of white fondant or the whites of the eyes. To make the balls stick to the face, use a very tiny bit of water applied with a brush.

doll face12

Making doll head, Step 6.

Use the gum paste tool to flatten and shape the eyes.

doll face13

Making doll head, Step 7.

Roll two small balls of blue (or other color) fondant for the irises. Use a gum paste tool to flatten into the white fondant. At this point, you may like to allow the head to dry for an hour or so to make painting and drawing the features easier.

doll face15

Making doll head, Step 8. 

Draw the eyebrows with the edible ink pen. This can be tricky, but you can usually gently wipe off any mistakes with a wet wipe.

doll face16

Making doll head, Step 9.

For the lips, mix a little red or pink food coloring with half a teaspoon of pure alcohol like gin or vodka.

doll face17

Making doll head, Step 10. 

Paint on the lips, using a small paintbrush. This can also be tricky! I’m still trying to master this.

Draw the eyelashes and the pupils. Create the catchlight in the eyes with tiny balls of white fondant.

Use a paintbrush and pink petal dust to give the cheeks some blush.

doll face20

Making the doll head, Step 11.

Stick a toothpick in at the bottom of the head if you are attaching it to a body. This is best done before the gum paste is completely dry.

doll face21

Making the doll head, Step 12.

For the hair, roll a thin piece of black fondant. Cut a circle out with a cutter.

doll face22

Making the doll head, Step 13.

Paint a thin layer of water to the black fondant to adhere it to the back of the doll head.

Please circle on the back of the doll head and shape the edges to frame the doll face.

Curls are created by pressing parts of the edges together and shaping into place.

Decorate with a flower or bow for an extra girly effect!

doll face23

doll face24

Your mold will be very versatile and can be made to suit many different characters. You can use it for both genders by changing the features and hairstyle. I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial! Would love to hear how you go with it.

Happy Caking!