princess cake topper

This fondant princess is pretty, fun and sparkly. But even better than that, she is sturdy! Her base and support system keep her standing straight-as-a-pin. (No bending, no slouching, no head falling off).

If you’ve made figures from fondant then you know exactly what I’m talking about! So maybe this stress-free princess is the right one for your daughter’s next birthday cake.


This is what I used:
work surface
6”cake circle
corn starch
rolling pin
rolling cutter
X-Acto knife
large 5 petal cookie cutter
6” lollipop stick
water pen
8 ounce teacup
fondant in pink, white, nude, yellow
gum paste
black edible marker
small brush
pearl luster dust
pink luster dust
any large piping tip
Sculpey flexible push mold (optional)
fondant smoother (not pictured)


Prepare your fondant colors and mix a small amount of gum paste into the nude and pink fondant. Liberally dust the inside of a round, 8 ounce tea cup with corn starch. Roll a large ball of pink fondant and dust the exterior of it as well.



Press the pink fondant into the tea cup. Use a rolling pin to level the top and remove any excess.


 Step 3:
Gently flip the cup and remove the fondant being careful not to dent it with your fingers.


 Step 4:
Place the skirt on a dusted 6” cake circle so you do not have to handle it when moving it around. Use a soft brush to remove the excess corn starch. Use a fondant smoother to level the top so the torso with sit nicely.


 Step 5:
Use a toothpick to mark a guide hole in the center of the skirt then gently press the lollipop stick into the skirt completely. (I trimmed a half inch from the bottom of my stick and sharpened the top with a pairing knife before this step.) The goal is to estimate the height of the torso and head so the stick ends 2/3rds through the head.


 Step 6:
Use a toothpick to indent a few vertical lines around the skirt.


 Step 7:
Start with a medium ball of nude fondant and hand form the torso and neck.

Tip: As you work, you can hold it up in front of the lollipop stick to envision how it will look. Do this until you are satisfied with the scale and shape of the torso. It’s important that the torso has a nice flat bottom.


 Step 8:
Using your toothpick, make a guide hold in the center of the bottom. Dampen the spots where the skirt will connect with the torso using water.


 Step 9:
Gently and slowly lower the torso onto the lollipop stick. Be careful to keep it centered. work slowly until the stick comes through the neck.


 Step 10:
It should look like this.


 Step 11:
Roll a ball of tan fondant very round and smooth for the head. Again, hold it up in front of the figure to ensure that you have the right size and shape.


 Step 12:
Use the back of your large piping tip to gently press a smile on the face. Put the face to the side to firm up. I placed mine in an ice cream scoop so the back would not flatten.


 Step 13:
Now we will make the dress bodice for the torso. Thinly roll a piece of pink fondant. Use your rolling cutter to level the bottom and side. Cut the top edge as shown.


 Step 14:
With the exacto knife, make s sweetheart neckline.


 Step 15:
Lightly dampen the back of the bodice piece with water and carefully apply it to the torso of the figure pressing firmly all the way around. Ensure the back has a nice clean seam.


 Step 16:
(Optional) You can add the swag detail to the dress if you like the look of it. I used a 2.5 inch circle cutter and a 1 inch circle cutter as shown to make a doughnut shape.


 Step 17:
Then use your X-Acto knife to cut a back opening and carve four petal shapes.


 Step 18:
In this picture I have added the dress swag detail by dampening the back of the shape and pressing it in place on the skirt. I also made an applied to wedge-shaped shoulders to the dress.



 Step 19:
Put the figure to the side and take out these supplies to finish the simple face features. Use your small brush to apply light dusting of blush to the cheeks. Then draw eyes with the edible ink marker.

Tip: Mark the eyes lightly with pencil first to make sure you like the placement. Then go over them with the marker.


Step 20:
Stop at this point and allow the figure and the head to harden overnight before continuing to the next steps.


 Step 21:
After they have hardened overnight, it is time to attach the head. Make a guide hole with a toothpick in the center of  the bottom. Lightly wet the places where the head will touch the neck.


 Step 22:
Holding the sides of the head, gently push it down on the lollipop stick until it is in position. Make sure it has a good connection with the neck.


 Step 23:
It’s time to make the hair. Roll out a piece of yellow fondant a little bit thick and cut out your flower shape.


  Step 24:
I rolled mine out a little more to elongate the petals so it would fit around the back of the head like hair. Tip: pick it up and try it on the head until you get the right size and shape.


 Step 25:
Once I was happy with the size and shape of the hair, I wet the center of the back of it and affixed it firmly on the head of my figure. Use your fingers to shape the ‘petals’ of the flower shape in a pretty way. If you hold them in a bent shape for a few seconds they will take on that shape as they dry.


 Step 26:
Making figures is a long process, so I take the help of any molds I have on hand. This Sculpey Push Mold is an easy way to make quick hands for my figures. Dust the mold with cornstarch and press 2 long snakes of nude fondant in the arm spaces. Smooth the back until flush and then flip the finished arms out. Alternately, you could hand model the arms using a toothpick to make the finger details.


Step 27:
Trim the arms to the proper scale and attach them to the figure with water. I like to position them so my figure can hold a small object in front of her. Here, you see I’ve added a yellow flower for her to hold. I’ve also added a white trim to the neckline of her dress.

 Step 28:
To make the crown, roll a thick piece of grey fondant. Trim it into a long rectangular shape with your rolling cutter. Use your X-Acto knife to cut the top edge as shown.


Step 29:
Stand the crown up as shown to see the size and height. Hold it on the head of your figure to see if the scale looks good. I had to trim mine down in height and length until I was satisfied with the scale.

Step 30:
Once you have the right size, attach the crown to her head by wetting the bottom with water. Press it in place gently and position it in a way you like. Make sure the back seam is also sealed with water.


 Step 31:
Now she just needs a little shimmer. Use a pearl shimmer dust and a small soft brush to apply shimmer to the white and grey parts of the princess. This includes the dress details and crown.

Step 32:
It’s difficult to see the shimmer in photos, but it makes a large difference in person. The shimmer makes the crown turn from grey into silver. It also adds a lot of sparkle to the dress details.


Your princess cake topper is now ready to adorn a birthday cake or dessert table! Let her dry for a few days and enjoy!

Happy caking!