Trains are always very popular among boys, my own son included. So, I thought it would be time for another tutorial for the boys. I have made a sweet little train cake topper inspired by one of my son’s “old” birthday cakes. He loved it very much and it makes me so happy.

I have tried to make the train very simple in the design so that even beginners in cake decorating can have a go with it. So, I hope that you will enjoy my tutorial on how to make a train cake topper.

Train Cake Topper Tutorial with Images

What You Need to Make a Train Cake Topper

What You Need to Make a Train Cake Topper

Tools in Making the Train Cake Topper

This is what I used to make the train cake topper:

Tip! If your gum paste is a little too soft, then knead in a little Tylo powder. This will help the gum paste to thicken and hold its shape.

How to Make (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Step 1:
Start by coloring in the gum paste for the train’s “body” in your chosen color. Take a piece of gum paste and roll it into a smooth ball without any cracks. Then place the ball on your work table and roll it into a thick sausage about 3″ long. This will be the “base” for the train. Take your pair of fondant smoothers and flatten all the sides.

Step 2:
Flatten one of the short ends with the fondant smoother (see photo). Set aside to dry a little.

Step 3:
Take another piece of gum paste, and again roll it into a smooth ball. Then roll it into a short sausage on your work table. It should cover about 2″ of the “base”.

Flatten the ends with the fondant smoothers. Brush a little tylo glue on the “base” and attach the “sausage” on top of the angled end. This will be the front of the train.

train cake topper - body

Step 4:
Next, roll another smooth ball of gum paste and form it into a block. It should be slightly taller than the “front” part, and about 1″ wide. Flatten the sides with the fondant smoothers. Attach with a little tylo glue.

train cake topper
train cake topper

Step 5:
Roll out some gum paste thinly and cut out 2 small windows for each side of the train. Glue them on with Tylo glue.

train cake topper

Step 6:
Roll out some gum paste (about 4-5mm thick) and roll it out large enough to cut, both wheels and roof for the train. Find 2 different sizes of piping tips or circle cutters and cut out 1 pair of large and 3 pairs of small wheels.

I have used round piping tips to emboss the center of the wheels. Set the wheels aside to dry. Then cut out a square piece of gum paste for the roof and glue it on with Tylo glue.

train cake topper - wheels
train cake topper - window

Step 7:
Now it is time to decorate the front “base” of the train. Roll out some gum paste (4-5mm thick). Cut a strip of fondant and cut the ends slightly slanted. Next, make indentations in the gum paste with either a veining tool or a knife. Glue it on the angled front with Tylo glue.

train cake topper - roof
train cake topper

Step 8
Glue on the wheels.

train cake topper - brush and water

Step 9:
Take a small piece of gum paste. If it sticks to your hands, then rub your hands with a little cornstarch. First, roll a small ball, and glue it on with tylo glue on top of the train (not shown). Make the chimney by rolling some gum paste into a large pea size ball and then rolling it into a cone.

train cake topper - ball
train cake topper - rolled

Step 10:
Rub some more cornstarch on your fingers. Slowly pinch the “thick” end of the cone all the way around. While you pinch, press down in the middle of the cone with your index finger. So that it gets slightly hollow (see photos).

Trim a little of the end so that the chimney can stand upright. Attach it on the train with a little tylo glue. Set aside and let the whole train dry completely.

train cake topper - thumbs
train cake topper on a hand

Step 11:
If you like, you can make small train wagons as well for your train cake topper. Make them out of a ball of gum paste, that you shape into a block. Flatten all the sides with the fondant smoothers and attach some wheels.

train cake topper - gum paste

Tip! It looks very sweet placing birthday candles on the train wagons.

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Will You Make a Train Cake Topper?

Finally, that’s about it for today. I hope you found this train cake topper tutorial and all those tips helpful! Also, please share with all of us your results. Not to mention that I am always open to suggestions: So, how was your train cake topper? Tell us everything in the comments section below. You might have made a more incredible version. We’re excited to hear from you!

Will You Make a Train Cake Topper?

Happy Caking!

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