I have received many requests for the F1 race car cake toppers that was on my son’s birthday cake last year. So here is my tutorial on how to make a race car cake topper for every little Formula 1 fan.

race car cake topper

What You Need for Making a Race Car Cake Topper

The car topper is made out of gum paste, but I have used store-bought black rolled fondant for the wheels and the helmet.

race car cake topper materials

This is what I used:

  • White gum paste;
  • Black rolled fondant;
  • A small amount of white rolled fondant;
  • Gel paste color;
  • Rolling pin;
  • Cake smoothers;
  • Tylo glue;
  • Cornstarch (to prevent the fondant from sticking to your work board);
  • Small knife;
  • Piping tips or small circle cutters in various sizes;
  • Small paintbrush;
  • Ball tool (JEM);
  • Strip cutter (JEM) If you don’t have a strip cutter, then you can use a ruler.;
  • 1 small plastic bag (not showing in the photo).

DIY Racing Car Cake Topper: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Start coloring the gum paste in your chosen color. Roll the “ball” into a cone, making sure that you keep one of the ends a little thicker (and the other end a little thinner). I try to keep the length of the race car to about 3″ (8cm).

rolling the fondant for the cake topper

Step 2: Flatten the sides of the race car, using a pair of cake smoothers. Place the car inside a plastic bag and set it aside. This will prevent it from drying out.

Flatten the sides of the race car

Step 3: Roll out some gum paste about 2mm in the same color as the race car. Cut out the spoiler with the small knife. I cut out mine by hand, but you can of course use a ruler if you like. Make sure that the spoiler is a little wider than the race car. Set aside to dry completely.
TIP: Make extra spoilers. If the first one should break.

Making the car's spoiler

Step 4: Roll out some of the black rolled fondant about 5mm thick. Find 2 different sizes of piping tips or circle cutters and cut out 1 large pair and 1 small pair of wheels. I have used round piping tips to emboss the center of the wheels. Set aside to dry.

Making the racing car's wheels

Step 5: Take some white rolled fondant and roll it out thinly. Use the strip cutter or a ruler to cut out 1 fondant strip.
Note: Do not cut out the fondant circle before step 9.

cutting fondant strips

Step 6: Take out the race car from the plastic bag. Brush a very thin coat of Tylo glue on the back of the white strip and attach it down the middle of the race car. Trimming of any excess of the fondant strip with the knife. Use the ball tool and make an indentation in the middle of the car, where the “driver” will be sitting.

Making the helmet of the racer

Step 7: Take a little black-rolled fondant and roll it into a little ball/helmet. Make sure that it fits into the indentation of the race car. Brush a little glue and place the ball/helmet in the indentation. Cut a small strip of white fondant for the face shield and glue it on the ball/helmet. Set aside to dry.

placing and gluing the racer's helmet

Step 8: When the wheels are almost dry, glue them on the race car with Tylo glue. Small wheels at the front and large wheels at the back.

Assembling the race car topper

Step 9: Roll two small oblong balls and glue them on each side of the white fondant stripe on the back of the race car. Brush again a very thin coat of glue and carefully attach the spoiler. Finish off by cutting a small circle out of white rolled fondant and gluing it on the front of the car.
TIP: It is easier to write the number of the race car when the white fondant is all dry!

How to Make a Race Car Cake Topper

How’s Your Race Car Cake Topper!

Finally, you have an F1 race car cake topper for your little fan! Do not forget to share all your toughts about this fondant cake topper in the comments below. Also, please visit my tutorial page if you want to learn how to make other gum paste decorations.

Happy Caking! Louise